June 27, 2006

Review: What Lies Buried by Dewey Lambdin

The Midwest Book Review:
Set in pre-revolution North Carolina, What Lies Buried: A Novel Of Old Cape Fear is a thrilling mystery. Nothing is as it seems in pre-Revolutionary Wilmington, North Carolina. Respected political leader Harry Tresmayne has been found murdered beside a lonely road in Cape Fear, and the more his friend Matthew Livesey uncovers about Harry's private life, the more he finds motives for murder. The suspect list ranges from the elite to the lowest-born of the region. Matthew Livesey and his family find themselves facing dangerous consequences as a cold-blooded killer is run to ground. Dewey Lambdin is an expert author of historical novels, and once again has employed his considerable talents in creating strange characters, accurate period dialogue, and historical accuracy to infuse this deftly written murder mystery with local color. The result is an enthusiastically recommended novel that is as entertaining as it is engaging from beginning to end. see details | buy this book

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