January 17, 2007

HBO Rome TV and Sand of the Arena book

HBO: Rome TV series shares theme of James Duffy's Sand of the Arena

The highly acclaimed HBO series Rome has started its second season with a great deal of fanfare. If you like Roman history, especially gladiators, then we recommend James Duffy's book Sand of the Arena. His story occurs in AD 63 when the long arm of the Roman Empire stretches across the European continent and the gladiatorial games are awash in blood and glory. For Quintus Honorius Romanus, son of one of the richest men in Rome, everything is as it should be -- as long as he can sneak off to the arena for a little entertainment. Things go drastically wrong, however, when Quintus loses his family, his social standing, and his name to an imposter. Faced with a life of menial slavery, Quintus joins a gladiatorial school instead and begins a game of high stakes, as he vows to bring down the usurper who stole his life. see details | buy this book

January 11, 2007

Radio: Letters from author John Biggins

Found: The Real John Biggins!

As broadcast on Tony Miksak's Words on Books, KZYX radio: "Who could forget these great historical novels by John Biggins and his amusingly intelligent hero Otto Prohaska, Future Hero of the Habsburg Empire? . . . How COULD a contemporary author, writing a series of spectacularly well-reviewed historical novels published in two countries to great acclaim, disappear so completely that not even Google can find him?" see article | books by John Biggins

January 8, 2007

Publishers Weekly Review: Bodyfoods for Busy People

PW Review: Bodyfoods for Busy People

Here is a quote from the recent starred review from Publishers Weekly: ". . . Clarke provides clear, blessedly brief explanations as to why nutrients matter, and bolsters her arguments, point by point, with simple, fresh recipes that highlight particular ingredients, such as her Mango, Lime and Raspberry Juice (which provides a boost of beta carotene and vitamin C) and her high-fiber, whole grain Favorite Oatcakes." read the review | buy this book