July 25, 2006

Kydd Sea Adventures Newsletter

The Bosun’s Chronicle brings the latest news and views about Thomas Kydd and his creator - Julian Stockwin. This free e-mail newsletter contains contests, book reviews, information on the great age of fighting sail and tales from other Shipmates about their own adventures. Each month there is a special Lucky Draw - one new subscriber will win a signed paperback of the first book in the series, Kydd.

The Kydd series follows the adventures of Thomas Paine Kydd, former wig-maker, pressed into the Royal Navy as a seaman in 1793. There he learns the ways of the sea and meets the philosophical Renzi, an upper-class scion with his own reasons for serving in the lower-deck of a man-o-war. Together, Kydd and Renzi sail the world, facing mutinies, shipwrecks and the uncertainties of a sailor's life—and their bravery and resourcefulness bring them unexpected rewards. Free newsletter | Kydd books

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