January 11, 2007

Radio: Letters from author John Biggins

Found: The Real John Biggins!

As broadcast on Tony Miksak's Words on Books, KZYX radio: "Who could forget these great historical novels by John Biggins and his amusingly intelligent hero Otto Prohaska, Future Hero of the Habsburg Empire? . . . How COULD a contemporary author, writing a series of spectacularly well-reviewed historical novels published in two countries to great acclaim, disappear so completely that not even Google can find him?" see article | books by John Biggins


Duncan Salmon said...

I have really enjoyed the three books by Mr Biggins. When are you publishing the fourth?

McBooks Press, Inc. said...

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your praise of Biggins. We are going to publish Tomorrow the World in September 2007.

Gary Reynolds said...

Ottokar survived WW1, he alludes to a series of adventures following this period. Is Mr.Biggins planning on continuing the series from 1918 on?
Gary R.

Alan Cooper said...

I *LOVE* Otto Prohaska, and John Biggins is a historical and cultural treasure! Thank you very much for republishing his excellent novels. I hope that Biggins will bless us with more Prohaska.