November 30, 2007

Running around Belgium with Douglas W. Jacobson

We arrived in Belgium yesterday and in between grandparent stuff a lot is happening for NIGHT OF FLAMES. On Friday I'm meeting with Cobb Rogers of The American Club of Brussels to plan a presentation & book signing for February. Later that day, I'll be meeting with the US Embassy in Brussels who are interested in the WW2 Belgian Resistance groups I wrote about in the book. They're planning an exhibition in February/March on US-Belgian relations. Monday is the meeting with Comete Kinship Belgium, the organization of WW2 heroine, Andree de Jongh and the Comet Line escape organization. unexpected adventure in Bastogne. I was contacted by an old friend who will be in Belgium next week along with several WW2 veterans of the 101st Airborne Division - Easy Company - that fought in the Battle of the Bulge. They'll be attending a festival commemorating the epic battle and the opening of a new museum in Bastogne. I'll be joining the group in Bastogne next week Friday.

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