May 7, 2008

Broos Campbell, author of Matty Graves series, interviewed by JAAL

James Blasingame, from the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, corresponded with historical fiction author Broos Campbell by e-mail.

James: Your books are easily compared to the Aubrey-Maturin sea adventures written by Patrick O'Brian, such as those that formed the basis of the Master and Commander movie. Anyone who enjoys the authenticity of his descriptions of sea battles will enjoy your detailed narratives of the strategems of war at sea even more. Tell us a little about your work on a tall ship. Did you ever think you would wind up writing about it?

Broos: That's a tremendous compliment. I don't deserve it, but thank you all the same. My time in a square-rigger isn't extensive—just long enough to say I've done it, really. I kept telling the other crewmembers that I was going to write a book about being aboard, but at the time it was more of a way to explain why I was there than anything else. I used to dread going aloft, and sometimes they looked at me funny. I mean, it might've been my imagination, but probably not entirely.

James: Crewing on a sailing ship is surely a dangerous proposition. Were you ever in a situation where you wondered if you would make it home alive? –James Blasingame, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (read the full interview)

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