November 3, 2008

A Fistful of Diamonds: The blood diamond trade meets the world's luckiest gem dealer

A Fistful of Diamonds: A Gemstone Thriller

By John B. Robinson

A suite of priceless diamonds surfaces in Central Africa. Fast-talking gem expert Lonny Cushman wants them. As cover, he chaperones a young seminarian to Rwanda in search of her missing father.

Once there, Lonny chases the diamonds through the killing fields of the Congo. Survival depends on negotiating the bloody machinery that benefits from the conflict diamond trade--Islamic jihadis, corrupt army officers, Israeli diamantaires, and Ukrainian arms dealers. Can he save himself, the diamonds, and the seminarian from a terrible end?

“If you’re thirsting for a canny, ironic international thriller . . . jump into John B. Robinson’s A Fistful of Diamonds.”

—Portland Magazine

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