April 22, 2009

Museum of Human Beings helps "fill in the gaps" in what we know about history

Michelle Dover, book reviewer for The Steamboat Local (Steamboat Springs, CO), recently focused on some historical novels--including Museum of Human Beings by Colin Sargent--which she says help minorities and women find their place in history
"thus reclaiming a past that isn’t readily available in the history books." Here's her take on these fascinating novels.

Get Lit

by Michelle Dover

The Amazing Adventures of Human Beings

Yes, yes, we all love the founding fathers of the United States of America. Their biographies always have a hold list at the library when they arrive from the publishers. Authors do a brilliant job of recreating these men’s lives through the plethora of documents left behind.

Ask yourself: Was my great, great, great grandma perched on the end of her rocking chair worshipping the founding fathers? Was that same grandma working her knitting needles impatiently waiting for news about their latest speech? Remember that great grandma couldn’t even vote, maybe grandma couldn’t even read, maybe grandma didn’t have access to news and information. Maybe grandma was doing the laundry on a rock in the river.

In the last decade more and more readers have turned to historical fiction to fill in the gaps left in history. (Read the full article.)

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