May 13, 2009

FREE 2009 Historical Fiction Catalog PDF

McBooks Press Historical Fiction & Nonfiction Catalog

Our 2009 PDF Catalog is ready for you to download! It contains the best historical fiction books — nautical and military — that we sell to individuals. These include all McBooks Press publications in these categories, as well as hard-to-find and imported books from other publishers. Browse through expanded choices including exciting westerns, spine-tingling 20th-century spy novels, historical mysteries, and riveting naval nonfiction. To give you faster shipping and less chance of back-orders, McBooks has developed a new shipping procedure employing four satellite warehouses. More frequently, your order may arrive at your home in two or more boxes, but it will often arrive quicker—and with the same low shipping charges as always. Right now the dollar is stronger against the British pound, that means we’re cutting our prices on many books from our extensive collection of U.K. imports and passing the savings on to you!

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