February 1, 2009

Captain Frederick Marryat Books

Here's a recent question from a customer:

Hi, I've read a number of Captain Marryat's books, all published by your company, and I recall that you used to publish more of them then you do now. Am I correct? I'm after more, so if you are no longer publishing them is there another publisher you can refer me to? Thanks. A. H.

Dear Reader,

You are correct that McBooks Press is out-of-stock of several Marryat books that we formerly published, specifically:

Phantom Ship

The good news is that we can supply (shipped directly to you from our remote warehouse) virtually any book that Marryat wrote.

These books wouldn't be McBooks Press publications. The Capt. Marryat books are all in the public domain, so anyone can publish them. Several firms are now digitally printing Marryats in small quantities. Therefore, they may not be up to the McBooks Press high standards of pretty covers, strong bindings, and attractive typography.

I would be delighted to send you a PDF file with a list of Marryat's complete works. (The list shows the original publishers and formats--not the editions that are now available.)

If you want to review the list, I'd be happy to quote you prices and editions for any titles in which you are interested.

Please let us know if we can obtain more information for you.

Incidentally, I believe that Marryat is a tremendously entertaining writer. I think of him as a cross between Charles Dickens and Mark Twain.

Best regards,

Alex Skutt
McBooks Press, Inc.

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