February 19, 2009

McBooks Expands Historical Fiction Bookstore

Review of the McBooks "Customer Choice Trial"
—We are expanding to serve you better. . .

A Message from Alex Skutt, McBooks Press, Inc., Publisher

McBooks Press is a book publisher plus a catalog and Internet retailer of historical fiction books. We are always exploring new avenues of book retailing and ways to improve customer service. To help us optimize your future book-buying experiences, we recently ran a two-week "Customer Choice Trial." During the trial, we offered our website visitors the option of purchasing from Amazon.com or from our own online bookstore at McBooks.com.

As an additional aspect of the trial, we also invited our Quarterdeck newsletter readers to email comments and suggestions to us.

What Did We Learn?

Although we know that some readers prefer to shop at Amazon.com, we were pleased with the number of customers who voiced a strong preference by asking us to continue providing our unique bookstore services. Here is one comment that says it all: "I love the fact that I don't have to sift through Amazon.com for my relatively narrow band of interest. Please don't change your wonderful web service. . ." —E.M.

To remain a competitive bookstore choice for you, we are now increasing our book selections (U.S. and U.K.) and expanding our valuable services to help readers navigate the array of books published in the Historical Fiction genre. Our 2009 catalog will be the biggest ever, featuring fiction from more historical time periods and sub genres. From 12th-century wise women investigating mysterious deaths, to 19th-century mountainmen fighting for survival and WWII detectives sniffing out espionage, you'll find new stories to peak your interest and keep you reading!

What customers like about McBooks

• Special set prices for Historical Fiction series
• Free shipping for orders over $85.00
Discount bargain books at low prices
• Free Quarterdeck newsletter
• Free Book with an order of $100 or more
• Knowledgeable and friendly book advice by phone
• U.K. books kept in stock and ready to ship

Comments about Quarterdeck email newsletter, edited by George D. Jepson

"The gift of your time and effort is greatly appreciated by we die-hard nautical fiction enthusiasts!" —D.K.
"Wonderful news. . . And having George's steady hand back on the tiller is a boon to us all." — B.H.
"I would have been willing to pay a subscription rate, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Thank you!" —D.H.

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Our customers appreciate these multiple ways to order

• Purchasing online via our convenient and secure check out
• Calling Toll-Free: 1-888-266-5711
• Mailing a printed catalog order form
• Faxing a completed order form

Try our Custom Book Search

And remember, if you are searching for a title that is not on our website, call us! Toll-free: 1-888-266-5711. We will do our best to find the book you want and send you a price quote. This unique service is Free! "I often call. . . Always very knowledgeable. . . Great advice on future selections." —R.G.

We are grateful when you purchase your Historical Fiction books from us. Thank you for your support!

Warm regards,

Alex Skutt

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